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The bet can be done at 0.40 or up to 400.00 - which makes the 2,000x increase award look even sweeter. There are a number of button displays below the reels that allow you to filter to get the bets that fit your budget and allow you to use the fast spin and auto play features.





Once you start the slot machine game, the first thing you will notice is the soundtrack. Unlike other slot games, Golden Chicken keeps playing Oriental music - it adds an exhilarating feel to the game, but if it becomes too repetitive, you can turn it off.

Continuing with the cooking themes we found in other games like Harveys, the Chinese kitchen slot is a simple three-reel, eight pay-line slots, more or less identical to what is said on tin. The reel itself is set in the kitchen of an Asian restaurant with two cartoons on the right side without a computer, and a variety of exotic dishes as a unique symbol.


On the other hand, when choosing a payline, they can not only actively choose the numbers in the game, but also select the specific route they want. In this regard, the game is a bit like ordering from an Asian takeaway menu - you choose the numbers you want and want delicious things to come!

In China, there are very few things that are as beautiful as a well-preserved Chinese garden. It is a beautiful thing, with large hanging trees, beautiful flowers, and gorgeous pergola brought by gorgeous sunsets - all of which It's a wonderful background with a 5 x 3 reel grid that gives you 25 payline prizes.





Lotus also triggers one of the two functions of the game, with 3 or more Golden Lotus triggering the garden function, you can choose 4 of the 4 golden lotuses to win 10 times the trigger bet or 5 to 20 free game prizes to double . During the free game, all white lotuses will also turn to wild golden lotus.

The background of the reel is a halo created by a variety of blue and green shades that are reflected downward from the surface. As marine plants wave their leaves in the tide, waving anemones on the ocean floor is a whole new world.





However, although the waters look very deserted, you can see that this is not the case with a glance at the scroll. On your expedition, a lot of aquatic creatures are ready to accompany you. You will play 25 adjustable paylines on 5 reels. If they like, the plus and minus signs at the bottom of the screen can also reduce the number of paylines for the player.

. This is a simple design feature, but we like it, we also like the design of symbols, all symbols are directly related to the theme. When the pagoda building, the cobra, the dagger and the fallen on the reel formed a lower payline, the larger victory landed with various characters who helped the golden monkey travel together.





Free spin bonuses and multipliers are great features, nothing we haven't seen before, so if you're looking for innovation, maybe this slot machine isn't for you. However, it is not intended to provide anything radical, but rather to attract a large audience who likes this theme and hopes to receive a steady reward to honor.

There's also a noteworthy scatter symbol and an exciting bonus game where you can win 33 free spins and 15x multipliers. Ready for your breathing tube? Then let us sneak into it. We have turtles, sharks, some kind of flat fish (hey, we are not marine biologists!), starfish and seahorses (yes... don't count on it). There is also a whale, oyster shell and playing card icon from 10 to A.





Sharks and turtles are "one" symbols, meaning they represent the same pay value. Therefore, the player can form a matching combination of the two. For two sharks and/or turtles, pay only two points, but three are 25 points. Four are 125 and five are 750. Fortunately, if you use a wild symbol to win, the reward will increase. If you use wild, the salary figures for the above combinations are as follows: 4, 50, 250 and 1,500.

Golden Tour is a simple game for the most basic rules of many slot machine games. Therefore, you can start betting on the reels for a long time. The most common icons are gold shoes, cups, flags, clubs and golf carts. The winning combination of the Golden Journey begins with two identical symbols that are correctly arranged. The value of these first icons can range from 5 to 250 coins.




The game has 5 reels and only 5 paylines can bet. Your main goal is to ensure that you win the symbol combination to log in to these paylines to trigger a cash payment.

As for volatility, the difference is in the middle area, giving you a balanced return when you play games through the online slot machine casino.



One of the things we really liked when writing our Gold Journey online slot machine comment was that the game provided us with many ways to win prizes. For four low-paying icons, your line bet starts to pay 4-80 times, but for the first three symbols, your payline bet can also vary between 10 and 250 times. There are 40 paylines that can trigger a victory, and the basic jackpot reaches 10,000x (40 lines x 250x pay).

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