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These reels are full of beautiful wild animals, you can only marvel at the bright colors of red and blue parrots, pink and purple hummingbirds and spotted leopards. You can even see the leopard roaring because they celebrate any victory they are involved in. Also pay attention to the Wild River logo as this will allow you to celebrate any prize through the waterfall.





You will receive 12 cards, with random prizes, you can continue to pick until you hit three cards of the same deck. Any prize with less than 7,000 coins may also be gambling on the gambling function, and you can double the reward by correctly predicting whether the card is red or black.

The highest bonus for each icon is 65 times the pistol line bet, 75 times the skull and crossbones, 90 times the rum bottle and 100 times the treasure chest. The only way is to start from there, although the cannon fires a 150x prize, the cutlasses pay 300x, and the anchor pays 400x. However, the highest prize is reserved for Neat Beard himself, and his arrangement of all five icons is worth 5,000 coins.


Find her 3 icons, she will give you 10 free spins, find 4 icons, she will give you 20 free spins, find all 5 icons, she will give you an amazing 50 free spins - all, Even more amazing, triple prize!

Bets start with 0.1 coins and can be up to 50 coins, all 20 paylines are playing. Choose to use the start button manually, or press and hold the start button (the big green button in the lower right corner of the screen) to activate automatic rotation instead of the additional auto-rotate button found in most other slots. Each win is calculated based on the highest combination of 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols (displayed from left to right on the reels) and any bonus is added to the bonus. Once you win, it will appear in your total and be displayed on the entire screen.


The elegant ladies turned into terrible warriors, and the animals jumped, roared, breathed, and so on. Graphic design is truly amazing in this game, with the latest and smartest technology, and a real power and excitement when playing games.

As marine life pays more, keep an eye out for marine life. Five Seahorses or Star Fish will win you 500 times the bet, and five turtles will win you 1,000 times the bet. There are six line options 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 and 9 stakeout options, from 0.01 coins to 2.0 coins. This allows the small bet player to play 0.01 from the 1st line with each rotation, while the high stakes player can get up to 40 coins per rotation.


However, this is the clownfish you really want to find, because five of them will earn you 5000 times the bet - but they are not easy to find because Disney made a complete movie - where are you Nemo?

The scrolls are made entirely of bamboo branches and the game has a unique natural and green feel. The background doesn't show a lot of details, but the overall atmosphere of the game will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of the bamboo forest, looking for wild giant pandas.


You can also use the autoplay mode to let the game do it yourself. The reels will automatically rotate while saving your bet settings and applying them repeatedly. Your rewards will be automatically added and you can return to the basic game mode by clicking the same button again at any time.

The Asian style of this slot machine game will be revealed once it is opened. The bamboo poles are on either side of the scroll, and the traditional red lanterns illuminate the decorative gold frame around the main game. KA Gaming has a number of Asian-style slots and uses versatile Chinese-style audio tracks in many of their games. It is very quiet and fits the entire atmosphere of this slot. We will see these hot beasts store things for us, just as we look at the legendary tables and features of the dragon.



There is also a dragon that can be covered. Although it has no name, it says "wildness" should tell you everything you need to know about this roaring creature. It does the additional combination by filling in a blank of a series of other symbols or extending over more reels to serve as other combinations. Because it only falls on the middle three reels, it is not worth it. In addition, it cannot replace the scattered symbols.

The Fortune Tree is a 5-axis slot with 25 fixed paylines. We don't want to sit down and find out the complicated way to rotate these reels. Also, we don't like the slot when it doesn't take the effort to match the interface to the rest of the slot in the subject view. Fortunately, there are no confusion-related issues with the Fortune Tree control settings.


The flame in the title refers to the fiery background, burning slowly behind the reel, which makes the slot more exotic than other classic slot machines. This Oriental slot has a reputation for its manufacturer, with the same smooth animation and fast gameplay, and has become the identifiable symbol of Pragmatic Play games.


The 88 symbol can also help you trigger a jackpot. When these symbols appear on the screen, the slot can be randomly added with the “Cumulative Medal Badge”, creating an 88 symbol and writing the word “Cumulative Bonus” below it. If you hit three jackpot symbols, you will receive tickets for the jackpot bonus game.

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