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The Asian style of this slot machine game will be revealed once it is opened. The bamboo poles are on either side of the scroll, and the traditional red lanterns illuminate the decorative gold frame around the main game. KA Gaming has a number of Asian-style slots and uses versatile Chinese-style audio tracks in many of their games. It is very quiet and fits the entire atmosphere of this slot. We will see these hot beasts store things for us, just as we look at the legendary tables and features of the dragon.



There is also a dragon that can be covered. Although it has no name, it says "wildness" should tell you everything you need to know about this roaring creature. It does the additional combination by filling in a blank of a series of other symbols or extending over more reels to serve as other combinations. Because it only falls on the middle three reels, it is not worth it. In addition, it cannot replace the scattered symbols.