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The most important are the stubborn Captain Stubing, 1000 coins, The Love Doctor Adam Bricka, 400 coins, the lovely cruise director Julie McCoy, 300 coins, the compassionate bartender Isaac Washington, 200 coins, Burl “ Gopher" Smith, 150 coins.




First pick a woman to reveal the cash reward, then try to choose a man you think she will fall in love at first sight. Then sit back and look at the applicability meter to determine your multiplier fate. If you are a real Cupid, the meter will say "This is my true love" and your cash reward will increase by 5 times. If you are an ordinary cupid and you have just discovered some undeniable chemical reactions, then the meter will say "you are smoking" and double your cash reward. If your love radar is as cold as the Atlantic, you will say "Let's just be friends" on the navigation instrument - you only need to deposit cash prizes into the bank.