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  • Enchaned Garden

    Enchaned Garden

    The new visual and audio effects are incredible and truly combine this game with the best games from your competitors. This time there are also a lot of new 3D effects, the sound effect is clearer and clearer. They still use low-income card symbols, but they are well decorated in the leaves and are consistent with the overall theme of the game and feel like we will forgive them this time.

  • Fruity Tutti

    Fruity Tutti

    Provide a jackpot amount that will be added to the top left corner of the reel. The jackpot is a link jackpot, so when you play this slot and other people play Logispin's other games like Don, Pirate Island and Las Vegas for one night - the jackpot will grow until it wins. You need to bet the highest bet to qualify for the jackpot.

  • Golden Lotus

    Golden Lotus

    Chinese artifacts include priceless jade green dragons, bright vases and Chinese lanterns. You will also find geisha girls hanging out in the garden, these are more beautiful than the flowers you find here, although the 1,250 coins you can find are not as many as 8,888 coins you can find gold coins. lotus.